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A Programme of EU Tropical Forestry Information Consolidation, Networking and Dissemination

This project was concerned with the tropical forestry activities of the EU Member States. It looked at how communications and dissemination of information could be improved both within the European Union and between EU Member States and their developing country partners.

This unique analysis of a single sector was carried out over a four-year period and resulted in a variety of publications and project activities, including:

  • EU Tropical Forestry Sourcebook;
  • EU Tropical Forestry Papers;
  • Rural Development Forestry Network (RDFN) activities;
  • EU Workshops;
  • EU Database development.

As a contribution to the debate on improved international policy, a high profile was given to cooperation between donors in the area of tropical forestry

Kate Schreckenberg, Gill Shepherd, David Brown, Michael Richards
  1. European Union Tropical Forestry Sourcebook

    Book/book chapter