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A Critical Assessment of the EU's Trade-Related Assistance (TRA) to third countries – lessons from the past, policy options for the future

The trade-related assistance the EU provides to developing countries falls into three categories: 1) trade negotiations support, 2) supply capacity support, and 3) support for trade adjustment.

This project first looks at the general EU framework to provide TRA including constraints to trade in goods and services; roles of TRA in addressing these constraints; and the relative importance of different types of TRA. The assessment will be done on the basis of specific examples of support by both the European Commission and by other bilateral and multilateral donors. It will also analyse how TRA is currently channelled through the EC Budget, and will conclude by reviewing policy options and proposals on how to improve the programming, reporting and budgetary channelling of TRA.


Dirk Willem te Velde, Adrian Hewitt, Massimiliano Cali, Sheila Page

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