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The power of evidence and ideas


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ODI is an independent, global think tank.

Our vision is a sustainable and peaceful world in which every person thrives.

We harness the power of evidence and ideas through research and partnership to confront challenges, develop solutions and create change.

Evidence. Ideas. Change.

Responding to a changing world

Extraordinary gains have been made in the life span, literacy and food security of the world’s poorest in recent decades. This progress was not inevitable. Nor is it irreversible.

We are also living in a time of rapidly changing technology, norms and power structures, affecting everything from the future of our planet to the food and energy we consume to how we access information and evidence. Geopolitically, we have arrived at a moment of deep uncertainty.

Many of the challenges facing the world – climate change, violent extremism, rising authoritarianism, financial instability, inequality, pandemics, the future of work – affect all countries, rich and poor. And complex global challenges require multifaceted and evidence informed solutions.

ODI brings multiple perspectives, disciplines and tools to understanding these complex and interconnected problems. We work with a wide range of partners to collect robust evidence, find and test creative solutions, and engage with those who have the power to change policy, practice and approach.

What we do

We undertake cutting-edge research and analysis to generate evidence, ideas and solutions.

We act as trusted, expert advisers to those making change around the world.

We bring people together to turn ideas into action.

We communicate our work around the world to increase its reach and impact.

Our guiding principles