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ODI began its journey almost 60 years ago. The Cold War, decolonisation, the birth of development banks and agencies, the green revolution – all spurred the acute need for evidence and engagement about what was and wasn't working. Throughout its growth and evolution, ODI has stood as a key partner to those actors and institutions seeking progress and an end to the tyranny of poverty and conflict. 

To deliver ODI’s ambition, we will continue to evolve and ensure we are the partner of the future. These changes will be guided by this strategy’s four overarching principles. This also means commitment to living our values – to diversity and equality, to sustainability, to inclusion and transparency. Our people are our greatest asset and our success is testament to their hard work, entrepreneurial spirit, skill and dedication. To achieve this we will set goals, take deliberate steps and measure the following:

We will further enhance our inclusiveness and the diversity of our people and partners.

We will reduce our gender pay gap to 5% in either direction.

We will track our carbon footprint and make significant cuts on a clear path to carbon neutrality.

We will ensure that all our publications and digital platforms meet a high standard of accessibility for disabled people and those with impairments.

We will transition from using terms such as ‘developing’ and ‘developed’ that create false distinctions between countries, communities and the universal challenges we all face.