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Annual Report 2016


Hero image description: Yusuf, Ethiopia. Image credit:EMRDA/ODI/PhotoVoice

About ODI

ODI is an independent think tank with more than 250 staff, including researchers, communications experts and specialist support staff.

We provide high-quality research, strategic advice, consultancy services, evaluations and tailored training – bridging the gap between research and policy, and using innovative communication to reach the right audiences with our research.

We work with foundations, non-governmental organisations, the private sector, governments, multilateral agencies and academia.

We work on the following research themes:

  • poverty and inequality
  • governance, security and livelihoods
  • humanitarian policy and practice
  • sustainable resource management and climate change
  • finance and economic development
  • research-based evidence in policy-making.

The ODI Fellowship Scheme places postgraduate economists and statisticians in the public sectors of low-income, high-poverty countries. As of 31 March 2016, there were 110 Fellows in post.

Our global reach

In 2015-2016, ODI continued to make its presence felt around the world.

Our teams worked in dozens of countries, carrying out major research programmes, convening landmark conferences, and producing detailed case studies capturing the human experiences behind development.

Our ODI Fellows have continued to work with governments across the Global South, sharing their economic and statistical expertise and, for the first time, their knowledge on financial inclusion.

This map captures a selection of our major engagement around the world.


ODI continues to go from strength to strength; evolving and adapting to reflect the changing development landscape. Our organisational changes and strategic partnerships ensure we are in the best possible shape moving forwards.

Our communications – in numbers

At ODI, our communications strategy focuses on getting our research and evidence in front of the right people at the right time, so it can help them make informed decisions. We do this through influential convening and tailored individual briefings, as well as through strategic media and social media work.

Image credit:ODI